Monday, 6 April 2015

Gulabjamun custard with pistachio rabri recipe;

Gulab Jamun is easily the most popular and loved dessert in India.  Gulab jamun is best described as an Indian version of a donut immersed in a sweet syrup. As I have a sweet tooth I would love  this gulab jamun combo with caramel custard dipped in pistachio rabdi.......
Easy to make from leftover gulabjamuns also and tastier in taste ...this indian remix desserts would be loved by all sweet passionate lovers enjoy this yummy delight !!!

Ingredients  ;

1  packet    weikfield caramel pudding
Half litre milk
Gits gulab jamun packet


Transfer the half litre milk to deep vessel and bring it to boil empty the whole packet  of weikfield caramel pudding mix powder into this boiling milk. Cook the mixture on medium flame for 5 mins with constant stirring.
Cool for 5 min
Make gits gulab jamuns . Soak in sugar syrup
Add  gulab jamuns to caramel custard mix
In the mean time coat the base of mould with caramel topping gently pour the cooled mixture into the moulds.keep in the refrigrator for 2-3 hours unmould the set pudding.

Pistachio rabri;
Milk 5 cups
Pistachio 1/3 cup very very finely
Sugar 1/3 cup
Saffron threads just a pinch
Boil the milk in the heavy bottom vessel
Let the boil until it reduce to 1 1/2 cup now add sugar.
Let it come to one boiladd the chopped pistachio
Add saffron and cool it aside.
Refrigrate it. Serve with gulab jamun custard

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